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Racing Returns Saturday, October 24



Friday Feature

Ryan Grundy making most of the opoortunities

Ryan Grundy is off to a good start to this meet, bringing down a solid group of performers from Canada who are proving quite photogenic.

If the name Grundy sounds familiar, it’s because Ryan is the 35-year-old great nephew of the late Jim Grundy, a mainstay on this circuit for decades and one of the best driver/trainers to every ply their trade in California.

Jim Grundy passed away in 2009 at the age of 74. He made 2,617 trips to the charmed enclosure as a driver, with more than $10.3 million in earnings and was inducted into the California Hall of Fame in 2007.

“I grew up around the horses,” Ryan related. “I was probably about 6 years old when I knew this was what I wanted to do.”

It was Jim Grundy’s brother, Art, who was a mentor to Ryan. “My grandfather is the one who taught me everything. He was very good at bringing young horses to the races and did all his own shoeing, which I also do.”

Ryan struck out on his own in his early 20’s, starting out on the fair circuit in Manitoba.


There are two wagers offered here each night that come with a reduced 16 percent takeout rate. They are the 50-cent Pick 5, which is decided on the first five races on the evening; and the 20-cent Pick 4 on the penultimate four races. The Pick 4 comes with a guaranteed gross pool that has now been raised to $30,000.